DFG Priority Program (SPP) 2240 eBiotech

The priority program “Bioelectrochemical and Engineering Fundamentals to Establish Electro-biotechnology for Biosynthesis – Power to Value-added Products (eBiotech)” (SPP 2240) is located at the interface between electrochemistry, microbiology, materials science, process engineering, and systems and synthetic biology. Starting in 2021, the DFG priority program eBiotech combines the competencies from 28 German research groups of these disciplines working in 14 projects in the form of a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network. The focus of the DFG priority program 2240 eBiotech lies on the targeted development and efficient design of electro-biotechnological processes through a better understanding of the underlying processes. By exploiting the synergistic effects of natural science and engineering, the priority program 2240 eBiotech will address the technical development of electrically driven biosynthesis processes in addition to current scientific questions in the field of electro-biotechnology.


The Priority Program 2240 eBiotech in a broader context

Electro-biotechnology is an emerging field at the interface of electrochemistry and biotechnology. Instead of using carbohydrates as an energy source for biosynthesis as in classical biotechnology, electro-biotechnology primarily uses regenerative electricity, supported by the catalytic potential of microbes or enzymes, to drive biosynthesis. In the context of increasing development as well as rapid expansion of renewable energy sources, electro-biotechnology enables the use of low-energy waste or wastewater as well as CO₂ or basic chemicals in power-to-product processes. In the long term, this could lead to a transformation from conventional processes to sustainable processes based on renewable energy, which is an important step towards a sustainable circular economy.

Latest news

SPP 2240 eBiotech Method Seminar

Sharing the knowledge and methods of the different disciplines and specializations of our partners with all members was the goal of our SPP 2240 method seminar. For this reason, the members of SPP eBiotech came together on November 9 and 11, 2021. In a series of 10 lectures, held by experts within the SPP, current topics in the fields of biology, biotechnology and electrochemistry could be brought closer to the collaborators and guests of the event and important methodological knowledge for the common collaboration within the SPP could be imparted. The coordination team would like to thank all speakers and the participants who attended in such large numbers.

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