Magnetically enhanced electrochemical fluidized bed reactors for electro-enzymatic syntheses including gaseous phases

The main objective of the research project is the development, characterization and exemplary application of a magnetically enhanced electrochemical fluidized bed reactor for electro-enzymatic synthesis. The reactor will realize a novel variant of a particle based electrochemical reactor combining the advantages of the very high volume specific electrode surface of particle electrodes with the good mixing and mass transfer properties of e.g. bubble column reactors. The beneficial combination results from the fluidization of the particle electrode while at the same time keeping a conductance due to a magnetically induced chaining of the particles. In comparison to reactors applying numbering up of flat electrodes, the scale-up of a particle electrode is simple and economic. The efficiency of the novel reactor concept for electro-enzymatic synthesis will be demonstrated by the in-situ generation of hydrogen peroxide which is required for oxyfunctionalisation reactions using peroxygenases. The whole project will be hallmarked by a close feedback between experimental results and multiphysics modelling approaches.

Project overview